New work on display December 2013 to March 2014

Between December 2013 and March 2014 Contemporary Ceramics Centre is showing new makers to the gallery.

Mandy Cheng

·       Mandy Cheng’s exquisite porcelain cups and saucers, and teapots are a delight to hold, creating intrigue and wonder about their surfaces and forms. Mandy laminates sheets of black stained porcelain and white porcelain, repeatedly cutting and layering, then re-cutting and re-layering, exploring the possibilities of slicing at different angles or with different thicknesses, until a unique pattern emerges.

From the final block, thin sheets are then cut and the pieces are shaped.  Her process is meticulous. Only a limited number of pieces can be made from each block of pattern. This adds to the beauty of her work and encourages the viewer to mix and match, continuing on with her process of layering and re-arranging.

Mandy graduated with a Bachelor degree of Science, major in Chemistry in 1984, before working in the fragrance industry.  From the mid '80's Mandy began her education in ceramics, training in different studios under the teaching of different ceramic artists and learning hand-building, throwing, glazing and firing techniques.  From 2002 she has been working in her own studio.


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