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Paula Downing | '...maintaining the essence of the Cornish landscape.'

Paula Downing'My childhood dream………… to be a potter with an open workshop on a quay or harbourside'
'This idea became implanted in my brain from about the age of eight as a result of a family holiday in Cornwall. It might have been Polperro, Looe or even St. Ives.

I distinctly remember seeing a young man and his partner doing just that. I was mesmerized.
A romantic idea but it has stayed with me all these years and this is the closest I have ever got to it.'

Kenneth Drake was my Ceramics Tutor who persuaded the powers that be, to let me follow a combined Fine Art and Ceramics course. I shall be eternally grateful to him as it helped steer the way I work.
'I first experienced the feel of clay at Junior School, aged eight, but there was no kiln and so my dried pinched ashtray had to be painted with powder paints and then varnished! Quite disgusting, but I was so proud of it and of course, I had been bitten by the bug.

However, Ceramics was not an option for me until I we…

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