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Sophie Cook | In conversation with Contemporary Ceramics

Our exhibition program starts the new year with Sophie Cook who brings colour to the gallery.

Sophie creates delicate porcelain silhouettes that marry the elements of colour and form. Based on the Suffolk coast, she throws bottles, pods and teardrop forms on the wheel, constantly refining and evolving these shapes. She develops her own palette of glazes, ranging in colour from pale neutrals to deep amber, navy and aubergine. Colours are developed to connect individual vessel through shade and tone, and her bottles – no two identical – sit strongly as individual works and when arranged in groups form compelling collections.

We were curious to know more about Sophie's creative practice and to discover other influences in her life. You can find out more below...

Sophie Cook | In conversation with Contemporary Ceramics
Contemporary Ceramics: Why do you do what you do?

Sophie Cook: I love making, creating, using my hands. I get a real sense of wellbeing from turning the pieces on t…

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