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Penny Fowler | Q&A. From draughtsperson to Portland vase

We have the pleasure of displaying Penny Fowler's work at Contemporary Ceramics and took the opportunity to ask her some questions about her inspiration and practice.

Contemporary Ceramics: Why do you do what you do?

Penny Fowler: I have always been excited by the possibilities that working with clay can offer. I love its versatility. It is always exciting starting a new piece and if I have had a holiday break from clay, I look forward to getting back into my workshop and connecting with the material and organising myself to work on new pieces.

CC: How did you first get involved in working with clay?

PF: I first worked with clay in my grandfather’s studio when I was very young and later on I did ‘O’ level Pottery alongside my other subjects.

When I went to Bristol Art College for the Foundation Course, I imagined I would study fine art sculpture but soon got hooked by the possibilities that working with clay could offer, and I then went to the Central School in London to study Cera…

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