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Made in Cley | A collective generosity of spirit and sharing

This time Contemporary Ceramics are featuring Made in Cley, not an individual but a collective of mostly ceramic makers (jewellery, graphic work and sculpture are also part of their repertoire). The four founder members: Wolfgang, Gunhild, Barbara and Quay met while studying abroad. Their work inspired by the likes of Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew, other leading studio potters and by Japanese and Korean ceramics.

Made in Cley was founded in 1984 in the small coastal village of Cley-next-the-Sea in Norfolk. They set up in an old village shop in Cley, a beautiful Regency building with all its original fittings and turned it into a gallery space and various workshops.

They have seen many members come and stay. The current collective are ten makers, nine of whom are ceramicists. They work alongside each other as a studio group sharing all aspects of pottery making and processing such as glazing, firing and selling. Functional wheel thrown pottery remains at the centre of their work. Due …

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