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Sarah Dunstan | All Handmade Pots Are Unique...

There are interesting connections to be found linking the history of ceramics with the present day. Often through process: very little has changed when you dig deep into the practicalities of firing, for example, but also images and decoration find their way through to the modern-day via new interpretations. Sarah Dunstan explains here how an old blue and white Willow Pattern cup is currently an object of inspiration.  These associations can be seen with motifs used on the piece, China Blue Platter. 
Sarah Dunstan is one of four makers taking part in our current Bi-monthly display feature, and in the interview below, she talks about her leap of faith when starting her ceramics course, changes to her practice and current work.
Her work is for sale in the gallery, and further images can be found on our Instagram page.
Contemporary Ceramics:How did you first get involved in working with clay?

Sarah Dunstan:I loved art at school and making things i…

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