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Midori Takaki | Ceramic sculptures - an ideal output for imagination and observation

It is unusual to find working with clay used as a way to cure sleeping problems but for Midori Takaki her sculptures make real her daily observations and imaginative ideas, in this way clearing her mind.
She has created a range of bottles specifically for Contemporary Ceramics characterising a delightfully mixed collection of animals.
Here, she talks with the gallery about her inspiration and way into working with clay. 
Contemporary Ceramics:Why do you do what you do? 
Midori Takaki: I found ceramic sculptures are the ideal output for my imagination and observation. I’m more fluent with clay than in English. By making them, I empty my brain and actually, I am able to sleep well. Creating cured my sleeping problem.

CC:How did you first get involved in working with clay?

MD: By sheer chance. I reluctantly accompanied my husband to an evening class. He wanted to make Japanese pottery for us so that we could eat Japanese food on them at home. I thought it was going to be a waste of my time…

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