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David Binns in his studio 2019

"My work draws inspiration from a variety of contrasting sources including architectural form and the natural landscape, shaped by a deep respect for the fundamental principles of Japanese aesthetics, I hope my work has boldness and visual richness, whilst simultaneously conveying feelings of simplicity, asymmetry, solitude and quietness. Fundamental however is the delight in creating and making.

Over the years I have been fortunate to travel extensively to many countries. Whilst I don't necessarily derive any direct influence from visiting these countries, experiencing foreign cultures first-hand provides immense stimulation to my creative process.

Vessel Form 2019

Ever since graduating over 35 years ago, I have been immersed in ceramics, dividing my time between my own art practice, teaching and research.

I originally studied ceramics as part of a broader 3D Design course at Manchester Polytechnic, graduating way back in 1982.
My tutors at Manchester included Alex McErlain and Chris Jenkins. On graduating I was fortunate to work for a year with David Roberts, a highly regarded Raku potter, based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

My new work has re-connected me with the fundamentals of ceramics, enabling me to enjoy a more direct and intimate contact with the clay.

Vessel Form 2019

I have shown my ceramic work in many exhibitions both in the UK and internationally and have been fortunate to participate in numerous international ceramic symposia around the world.

My work can be found in a number of international public and private collections and has been featured in numerous journals and books.

My previous work employed recycled glass waste and mineral aggregates within a unique kiln casting process. This latest work is carved and involves a direct and intimate relationship with the clay. whilst for the first time in my ceramic career, feeling the freedom to explore both the vessel and glaze. 

I divide my time between my studio in North Wales and teaching at the University of Central Lancashire, where I am Professor of Contemporary Ceramics.

Vessel Form 2019

David Binns. June 2019



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