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David Binns | Delight in Making and Creating

"My work draws inspiration from a variety of contrasting sources including architectural form and the natural landscape, shaped by a deep respect for the fundamental principles of Japanese aesthetics, I hope my work has boldness and visual richness, whilst simultaneously conveying feelings of simplicity, asymmetry, solitude and quietness. Fundamental however is the delight in creating and making.

Over the years I have been fortunate to travel extensively to many countries. Whilst I don't necessarily derive any direct influence from visiting these countries, experiencing foreign cultures first-hand provides immense stimulation to my creative process.

Ever since graduating over 35 years ago, I have been immersed in ceramics, dividing my time between my own art practice, teaching and research.

I originally studied ceramics as part of a broader 3D Design course at Manchester Polytechnic, graduating way back in 1982. My tutors at Manchester included Alex McErlain and Chris Jenkins…

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