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Ingrid Saag | Art - essential to one's identity!

I knew since the age of eight that I was going to be an artist. There was never any question about it. While growing up in British Guiana, I spent a lot of time painting and drawing and also was an absolute bookworm.

I decided to be a book illustrator… obviously!

After attending art college in England and while working as an illustrator in publishing, packaging and advertising, I felt I wanted to explore being creative in a different medium without the constraints of a commission.

I tried to find somewhere to learn about glass making, but opportunities to study this medium were at the time scarce. However, there was no shortage of classes available in Adult Education to learn pottery. I began around the mid-eighties at Putney School of Art under Tessa Fuchs, did a short stint at Morley College with Jill Crowley, even completed a raku course at Latchmere College where I came across another student, the then-unknown Grayson Perry. I finally ended up at Manresa House in Roehampton, wher…

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