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Jan Beeny - Animals from the decorative arts

We have been very quiet with our blog. Partly through furlough during lockdown and also because of the gallery's new website, which we are populating with new work each week - please check it out!  The gallery  re-opened at the beginning of July and at the time of writing (towards the end of August) it is nice to see people beginning to venture into central London again. The British Museum opens on the 27th August and if you have booked tickets to visit the BM please pop in to the gallery, it will be lovely to see everyone. Jan Beeny is taking part in the previous Bi-monthly display which was sadly disrupted as a result of lockdown. Her amazing animal sculptures are on display in the gallery and we spoke to Jan about what lies behind these benevolent animals. Jan Beeny "I studied ceramics at the former South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education, Howard Gardens, Cardiff in the mid 1980's. For a year

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