CPA Auction 2014

Contemporary Ceramics Centre is hosting the CPA Auction 2014.
5th June (from 10am) - 14th June (5.30pm close of auction)

Over 250 members and supporters of the Craft Potters Association have donated pieces for the CPA Auction 2014.  The work on display presents the very diverse and exciting work that is made across studio ceramics today. With low starting prices, there should be a piece for all tastes to bid on.

The proceeds of the auction are going to support future of the Craft Potters Association.

Bowl by Ken and Valerie Shelton
Lot no. 45
Bottle by Dylan Bowen
Lot no. 187
Vessel by Thomas Bohle
Lot no. 22
Seedlings by Lorna Frazer
Lot no. 110
Container by Jin Eui Kim
Lot 23
Wall piece by Myung Nam An
Lot no. 249
Jug by Sarah Dunstan
Lot no. 127
Vessel by Rachel Wood
Lot no. 178
Horse by Ostinelli & Priest
Lot no. 5


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