Happy New Year and news of our exciting line-up for 2016

 We hope to brighten up the first days of January with a glimpse of some of the treats we have in store at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre in 2016. 

We are pleased to be featuring some wonderful makers in our current rotation; Delfina Emmanuel, Claire Ireland,  Sarah Jenkins, Marcio Mattos, Lea Philips, Andy Priestman, and Jane Wheeler, who will all be profiled on the blog in the coming weeks.

Delfina Emmanuel
Claire Ireland
Jane Wheeler

Andy Priestman

The gallery has an exciting line-up of solo and group exhibitions for this year, featuring work which takes in a diverse range of materials and influences. Over the next few months we will play host to the work of Karen Bunting, Raphael Perez, Ruth King, Dan Kelly and Barry Stedman and that only takes us to June!

 First up is Lara Scobie beginning 11th February. 

Lara Scobie

Happy New Year from all of us at Contemporary Ceramics and we look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon!


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