Aneta and Annie

Thursday 11 October-Saturday 3 November 2012

Aneta Regel Deleu combines the natural qualities of materials such as volcanic rock, with malleable materials such as clay. In the new cycle Metamorphosis she is particularly interested in juxtaposition of the natural and human made in order to create a dramatic friction. Work conveys the sense of transformation and illusion of the passage from one state to another.

Mostly abstract forms, stone mixed with clay is offset with dramatic, often radioactive colours and the textures are equally unusual, all of which serve to heighten the tension reflected within the work.

She studied sculpture in Gdansk and ceramics at the Royal College of Art, London. She held a Crafts Council Development Award and has exhibited in Korea, Europe, and the UK.

Annie Turner's sculpture is imprinted with the river Deben's past and present, the cycles of nature and the interaction of man. These are, as she puts it 'objects that trigger the memory', as much collective memory as personal recollection. These encrusted forms: families of spoons, sinkers, ladders, sluices and so on reveal the particular texture and weather of this water land, the character of its beds and inlets, the colour of its reflected sky. The richly layered Meander bowls, impressed with the fragments and detritus Turner has found on innumerable walks. are small in scale but encapsulate so much about the broader landscape, a tidal geography concentrated and made intimate.


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