Bowen & Bowen - father and son exhibition

Bowen & Bowen
6 October—29 October 2011

The careful traditions of English Slipware are unseated and then thoroughly reworked through the ceramics of Clive and Dylan Bowen. Two generations of potters show their work in this new exhibition at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre. Clive & Dylan have taken this English inheritance and very definitely made it their own.

Bowen & Bowen communicates two personal journeys. The tradition informed pieces of Clive Bowen act as a canvas to his painterly approach when decorating. This expressive way of painting with slip has been taken further by Dylan, Clive’s son, whose work is more akin to action-painting and who works intuitively and directly through marks made into the clay.

Jar by Clive Bowen

Square plate by Clive Bowen

Jug by Clive Bowen

Platter by Dylan Bowen

Platter by Dylan Bowen

Vessel by Dylan Bowen


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