Next exhibition: 'Small and Perfectly Formed', 16th February to 31st of March

Louisa Taylor

Small and Perfectly Formed is a selling exhibition which reveals the beauty and strength to be discovered in small objects; objects that can be found and displayed in small spaces.

Contemporary Ceramics will be showcasing 14 makers. The work on show has been chosen to highlight individual pieces that will sit within domestic interiors of any size and also functional ceramics that can be used on a daily basis. The exhibition illustrates the beauty, creative possibilities and functionality that can be explored when working to a smaller size. Small and Perfectly Formed features the work of new members of the Craft Potters Association, including Matthew Chamber’s minimalist yet complex objects, Louisa Taylor’s multifunctional stacking tableware, alongside more established members, and Sun Kim’s range of functional ware exploring traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Peter Beard, Matthew Chambers, Susan Disley, André Hess, John Higgins, Ashley Howard, Sun Kim, Anna Lambert, Sophie MacCarthy, John Pollex, Aneta Regel Deleu, Jenny Southam, Geoffrey Swindell, Louisa Taylor.


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