Wednesday, 20 April 2011

April Showcase

Clare Conrad takes a painterly approach to her work, enjoying the dramatic contrasts of light and dark, craggy and smooth. Her vessels evoke sun-worn, weathered surfaces capturing the point between existence and decay.

Sarah Dunstan responds to images and ideas collected in her sketchbooks, working directly onto the flat clay. Like a painter, she works over the surface until she is happy. The surprise comes when the pieces are constructed and the flat decoration takes on a new identity in the three dimensional form.

Carolyn Genders’ vessels are informed by the seasonal changes in the landscape close to her home. She works intuitively and enjoys the rhythm of making. Forms and surfaces strive to convey the landscape through the nuance of shape, balance and mass, evoking mood and atmosphere.

Richard Godfrey was inspired at a young age by the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean. Drawing little from tradition, his individual approach inspires work that leaps and dances with the Mediterranean colours, and expresses the inspiring South Devon coast where he lives.

Ingrid Saag focuses on the human form in her recent work. Hand painting each piece she works in a way to explore, discover and describe this favourite subject. Some of the larger pieces are accompanied by poetry describing the passions, lusts, furies and joys inspired by human love.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Spring in Bloomsbury; March Showcase

March Showcase

10th March to 2nd April

The first Showcase of the year featured five makers all of whom demonstrate a very personal approach to using clay. Colour ties the five artists together; Kochevet Bendavid, Joanna Howells, Hanne Mannheimer, Sean Miller and Andrew Wicks.

Kochevet Bendavid

Joanna Howells

Andrew Wicks

Sean Miller

Hanne Mannheimer

Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring in Bloomsbury; Recent Exhibitions

Pre Ceramic Art London

16th Feb to 27th Feb

To coincide with Ceramic Art London, which is held at the Royal College of Art, the Contemporary Ceramics Centre hosted a Pre Ceramic Art London Showcase. This featured 8 makers who were exhibiting at the Royal College; Robert Cooper, Bridget Drakeford, Regina Heinz, Ikuko Iwamoto, Sun Kim, James Oughtibridge, Suleyman Saba and Patricia Volk.

Through 50 Jan 20th to Feb 12th 2011

Through 50 was the official opening exhibition for the Contemporary Ceramics Centre. The exhibition featured 50 makers, 10 from each of the five decades that the gallery has been open. The work on display included historical pieces from Ray Finch together with contemporary work by makers such as Dylan Bowen and Sandy Brown.