Sunday, 30 August 2009

New Work for September - Susan Nemeth

Susan Nemeth makes one-off handbuilt porcelain items. The decoration is integral. Using many layers of stained porcelain slips and inlays, rolled and stretched, a high density of colour is achieved. Sanding between firings gives a smooth matt finish. Her work is widely exhibited and in various prestigious collections, and won her the 1990 Inax Design Prize.

New Work for September - Merete Rasmussen

“I create sculptural objects by working with curves and lines, and I’m currently using this to explore the concept of inner space and solidity. Surfaces that are twisted or bent into smooth and strong curves are fascinating – concave shifting to convex, inside to outside, etc.” Danish born and educated Merete has been living and working in the UK since 2004.

New Work for September - Valeria Nascimento

Born in Brazil, she graduated with a degree in architecture in 1985. She was introduced to clay in 1986 and became fascinated by its possibilities. Her work is in stoneware and most recently she has been working with porcelain producing pieces on a large scale, wall panels and installations.

New Work for September - Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook studied ceramics at Camberwell School of Art 94 - 97. She is currently throwing porcelain bottles on the wheel. Her vibrant glazes embody subtle, sculptural shapes to create fluid almost luminous forms which suggest a contemporary feel to a traditional craft.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

New Work for September - Ian Byers

“In my work I often set out in one direction with a form and then introduce new elements which challenge the assumptions and convictions of the first idea. I suppose I am aiming to reveal something about both elements by that interaction.”

Ian Byers, the author of ‘Raku’ has taught, lectured and exhibited in England and Europe.

New Work for September - Jonathan Wade

Jonathan Wade studied at Bath Spa University College graduating in 1996. His making techniques and influences are varied with the art and design of the Far East being the strongest inspiration at present. Contrasting elements are an important part of his work. This may materialise in loose decoration or soft glazes over tight forms.

New Work for September - Emily Myers

Emily studied at Camberwell and Bristol School of Art. Has been working as a studio potter since 1989. Her stoneware is distinctive for its strong controlled thrown forms and intense barium glazes. The thrown pots are often faceted or carved creating interesting new forms and textures. She is on the Crafts Council Selected Index.

New Work for September - John Pollex

John Pollex commenced his pottery career working for Bryan Newman and Colin Pearson. He set up his workshop in 1971 producing traditional slip decorated ware. In the mid 1980s he changed direction, having long been influenced by American ceramics, admiring their bright colours and improvised forms. He sees his work as three dimensional painting, clay substituting for canvas.

New Work for September - Clare Conrad

Clare studied ceramics at Bristol, graduating in 1987. Her stoneware is distinctive for its painterly exploration of texture and colour, applied to the exterior surface of the finely thrown form. She makes mainly bowls and vases, which are sold in galleries throughout the UK and has work in many private and public collections.

New Work for September - Paul Young

‘I make a range of domestic and decorative earthenware. All work is thrown on a momentum wheel or handbuilt, but very often a combination of techniques is used. I am influenced by the European folk art traditions and early English slipware.’

New Work for September - Margaret Curtis

‘The most simple of forms sometimes reveal new depths with every viewing. Subtle complexities first unnoticed become apparent, turning the notion of simplicity on its head.’

New Work for September - Tina Vlassopulos

Tina Vlassopulos makes individual pieces from burnished red earthenware or coloured clays.

New Work for September - Emma Rodgers

Confrontation, energy, capturing a moment, these are the elements that inspire and are reflected in the pieces Emma makes. Her work is slab built and made from white and off white bodies, T material, stoneware and porcelain. Since graduating her work has been exhibited worldwide and she has received much acclaim for her dynamic work.

New work for September - Geoffrey Swindell

Geoffrey Swindell’s pots are thrown in porcelain. Sources of inspiration include marine creatures, fossils, tin plate toys, eroded objects. By extracting essential elements from these sources and reflecting them in his own imagery he hopes to create vessels with an ambiguous presence.

New Work for September - André Hess

André Hess makes abstract, elusive shapes that require the viewer to question what they mean rather than puzzle over what they resemble. The work is both familiar and fugitive, but always evocative of the history and theory of clay. He uses any technique that fulfils the requirement. Surface treatments qualify what is already there, and are achieved using slips, oxides and frits only.

New Work for September - Beverly Bell-Hughes

Trained at Harrow Studio Pottery course under Victor Margrie and Mick Casson 1967-69.

Her work is hand built and the shapes are governed by both the making process and her interest in natural forms and growth.